Organ Detox Massage (inspired by Chi Nei Tsang) answers the needs of people suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), “leaky guts”, chronic fatigue, emotional trauma and many other conditions that indicate an imbalance in the digestive system. It also opens the door to our internal universe, emotions, gut feelings, and past experiences.


Aheahe Kim, Chi Nei Tsang Specialist and teacher who has trained in three different schools to enhance her Chi Nei Tsang techniques.

Since this particular technique is relying on finding the right points of pulse, you will learn how to find the exact points, if you are on the wrong spots, it might cause severe pain of the receiver.



You will learn to give an Organ Detox Massage that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, including warming-up techniques which prepare body and mind to open up for the experience of this massage. One of the benefits of this course is getting organ detox massage daily. You will find a detailed program which includes theoretical and practical classes.


Organ Detox Massage (inspired by Chi Nei Tsang) is a very efficient and holistic way to eliminate toxins from our body, activating the free flow of energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine negative emotions are said to obstruct the flow of energy, particularly in the digestive system and this way they can turn into one of the main causes of our ill health. It brings an answer for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, emotional trauma and many other conditions related to imbalances in the digestive system.

It is basically a massage that helps to detoxify the organism. Toxins come on one side from our food (chemical products that the organism does not assimilate, excesses of specific kinds of food) and on the other side from our “gut reactions”, the stress that we accumulate unconsciously in our belly, our “second brain”. Whether our goal is to improve our health, eliminate abdominal fat, explore emotions and past experiences, increase our general wellbeing, this massage is highly efficient.

The way to touch is deep, we look for the pulse of the blood vessels that reach the organs, stimulating the blood flow and allowing the organism to respond naturally to this touch, releasing toxins stocked on the intestinal walls.

Originally developed in China, Chi Nei Tsang is known mainly through Mantak Chia, who published many books related to this subject. The consequences of our lifestyle and of the toxins we absorb impact directly our nervous system.

Mantak Chia says, “As knots and tensions in the body grow, they build up pressure against the nerves coming out of the spine. Nerve do not tense up but muscles tense up. The nerves just transmit information. When one is subjected to stress, whether through anger, illness, or fear, the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, causing a contraction in the muscular system. As a result, the muscles, nerves, lymphatic system, and blood vessels contract into knots. Sometimes the knots can feel like small plums. It is important to move past the surface tension to dissolve the “seed” knot inside. These knots pull on other areas of the body, causing contraction and pain.”



Besides, learning various different Organ Detox Massage techniques, we will focus on learning the following techniques:

-how to diagnose a wide range of clients & their issues and how to work on them

-to apply proper warm-up techniques to ready for going deeper in abdominal area without a receiver feels much discomfort

-to detoxify the skin, opening and balancing the wind (chi) gates to the organs and releasing the diaphragm

-to detox the large & small intestines which have stored many negative emotion

-to detox, tone and energize our major organs, such as liver, pancreas, kidneys, stomach, spleen etc

-how to treat the dysfunction of digestive system, such as stomach reflux, constipation, etc

-how to stimulate the meridian points related to each organ according to TCM

-to finish up such as applying Lymphatic Massage or Herbal Massage

-how to combine another bodywork such as Thai Massage, Shiatsu, etc

-to develop the right sensitive touch, to be intuitive and to feel energy and energy blocks

-to access case studies with various models



-What is Chi Nei Tsang?

-The origin of Chi Nei Tsang

-The lymphatic system related with Internal organs

-The Nervous System related with Internal organs

-The digestive system and anatomy of the internal organs in the abdominal region

-The benefit of Chi Nei Tsang/ Cautions before CNT treatments

-Herxheimer Reaction (The Healing Crisis) and how to deal with it

-Preparation for Painless Chi Nei Tsang

-How to relax body

-How to diagnose client’s conditions,

-Warming-up techniques ( including how to apply Herbal Compress)

-Skin Detox

-Dan-Tien (Navel Center)

-Opening and Balancing the Wind Gates



-Internal organs relaxing 8 points

-Opening Chi above the groin

-Detoxifying small intestine

-Working on the large intestine, Stool analysis

-Working on diaphragm

-Sigmoid Colon, Ileocecal Valve, Cecum


Day 3

-Detoxifying and working on Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Stomach, Spleen, Kidney

-Working on Sexual organs (lifting Uterus and Ovaries), prostate glands, working above the pelvic bone

-Low back pain and leg pain, Psoas, Iliacus muscles, working on stretching Psoas muscles



-To calm the stimulated body, Completing the full sequence, Case studies

-Test and Review, Learning how to blend with different healing techniques such as Tok-Sen


Aheahe Kim 

Kim specialized in Chi Nei Tsang (Organ Detox Massage) and Karsai Nei Tsang (Therapeutic Sexual Organ Massage) in Thailand. She studied in three different schools to enhance her Chi Nei Tsang techniques. 

Kim already had an empirical knowledge or the human body that helped her learning process through previous trainings in Kahuna Hawaiian massage, Thai massage, Tok Sen,Ayurvedic Massage, Watsu(water massage), Contemporary dance, Arts, Theater, and Circus.

She chose this particular form of body work because she experienced serious health challenges that she overcame thanks to the Chi Nei Tsang treatments she received.