Anita was suffering for 2 months with pain in stomach, acidity, vomiting, fever and constipation since she took antibiotics for 10 days.

After two Chi Nei Tsang treatments, her symptoms were completely gone and now she can eat normally and sleep well.

Anita Chaudhary

Visual development artist for movie and game

Magda Kwiatkowskaes

Coach & Founder

I have always had problems with digestion. if I ate late, too much or something not very healthy, I would get this heavy feeling in my stomach. My belly easily turns into a balloon.

I have a tendency of storming stress and emotions in my stomach. When I heard about Chi Nei Tsang, I wanted to try it after the consultation with Kim. 

After 3 treatments, now I am much more aware of what is happening in my body. I also found a place in my belly where I store a lot of emotions, a place I know I need to work on.

Kim helped massage this part in a way that allowed for some of this energy to be released without making it painful (like I was afraid it would be). All in all, the session was really beautiful and relaxing. I left feeling calm, and more open. I felt there was less tension in my stomach and my whole body. I really see the benefits of this practice and was very happy to try it with Kim, who was very in tune with my body.

Melissa Wozniak

Writer & Photographer

My energy is still elevated two days after my massage with Kim. It was my first experience with Chi Nei Tsang and I can feel the effects of this extraordinary treatment working deeply in my system, loosening knots of tension and fear that took root decades ago.

It’s crazy how you can physically feel these knots once Kim draws attention to them and how, after much work, they can dissipate. Kim is an expert at what she does, which is not only Chi Nei Tsang or the many other modalities she has trained in — she is an intuitive healer bursting with knowledge and life experience, and she shares it all freely.

The massage she gives is a wonderful concoction of deep tissue work, relaxing touch, and aromatherapy that left me feeling recharged and better aligned with my true self.

I am considering changing my plane ticket home so I can attend her Chi Nei Tsang training next month…

Jordy Poggi

Raw Vegan Chef

Amazing. kim is one of the most lovely masseurs whom I’ve ever experienced.

She goes very deep not just on the physical side of the practice but also she helps you to understand deeply what’s happening in the body giving you advice and tips on how to improve the issues.

Kinga Kruk

Owner & Chef@EAT.CO

Kim’s Chi Nei Tsang treatment is gentle and nourishing touch, zen vibes and beautiful setting in general.

Kim is one special lady. Very passionate about healing and helping out others.

I had about 9 sessions in two different seasons with her so far. Very professional, trustworthy, and confidential. Definitely highly recommended.  

Annika Bhasavanich


I’ve received multiple massages from Kim and would go to her in a heartbeat in the future.

She is very attentive to your needs and can tailor the massage to whatever you might desire or what she feels is best! The combination of styles leaves your body feeling not only relaxed but rejuvenated.

She is very well informed about each style and has always sought out only the best training, so you can be sure you are receiving an authentic and skilled massage.

Kim always goes above and beyond to make you comfortable and ensure the best experience for you, providing organic coconut oil, tea, etc. and explaining what she is doing! 

Leonie Gabriella

Raw Foodie & Coach

Loved Kim’s message. Had the pleasure to receive her healing touch.

She helped me release so much tension I was surprised how I was able to carry it before!! Her technical know-how yet sensitive approach was exactly what I needed at the time.

Highly recommended for deep relaxation, truly mindful mind-body connection and some serious let-go.

Kerry Cowan

What makes this massage so good is not just the skill Kim has in physically giving a massage but how she individually tailors each session through consultation and Ayurvedic knowledge.

Kim has really inspired me to make some changes in my lifestyle that have helped me live a healthier life through diet and attitude. Kim is skillful and knowledgeable.  

I hope everyone gets the chance to experience her joyful presence and healing hands. I look forward to future sessions.

Emilia Toia

Graphic Designer

Kim has been a proponent of the healthy lifestyle. She introduced me to Chi Nei Tsang which is very neglected in most other massages.

Kim is constantly refining her skills, is a very caring and intuitive person who knows how to make you feel comfortable straight away.

If you are looking for something a little different, inspiring or have genuine concerns on the stomach area- go and see Kim. Highly recommended.