Tok Sen (Thai Wooden Hammer) can be used during our Organ Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) to aid the detox process.


Tok Sen is ancient Thai healing massage since it has been passed on for 2500 years which is tapping the body with a wooden hammer. “Tok” is the sound created by while a wooden hammer is hitting a wooden stick. “Sen” is the energy lines of a body according to Thai Massage theory.

Our bodies have numerous energy channels in which the “chi” flows. Traditional Thai and Chinese medicine maintain that a person is healthy only when “chi” flows without obstruction. In addition to the stagnation in the energy meridians, the main places of blocking the passage of energy in the body are the bunches (especially along the spine), where it is difficult being worked by conventional massage techniques. Tok Sen allows to reach the energy blocks with this painless technique by tapping wooden hammers and vibratory waves penetrate deep into the tissue.

Originated and developed the practice at the ancient Kingdom of Lana, this is now the north of Thailand. Tok Sen is a unique and its therapeutic effect is recognized as the effective massage. This technique allows you to remove the blockage in the energy channels, activate the acupressure points and promote the flow of energy freely in the body, relax the tight muscles, through creating vibration with wooden objects it can penetrate to the points that are normally impossible to reach with other massage techniques.

Tok Sen has a resistant and proven therapeutic effect on the musculoskeletal system and some internal organs. It’s great to stretch for the emplacement of tendons and ligaments.